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One of the easiest ways to restore as well as enhance any room is to clean its floors. At K & L Chem-Dry we’re not restricted to upholstery and carpets. For people with an area of stone or tile as opposed to carpeting, we can easily fully clean that as well and brighten your household simply by making these surface areas become excellent once again! Stone and tile can bring an incredible feeling to your residence, however it can also be difficult to clean because of its porous nature. That’s where you can rely on us. We’re the first choice in Sahuarita, AZ with regards to cleaning your tiled floors and reviving that impressive feeling that accompanies this exceptional kind of flooring. Call or click today to set up your appointment!

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Once dirt and muck take control of your tile, stone, and grout flooring surfaces it may be very hard as well as frustrating to eliminate all on your own. K & L Chem-Dry in the Sahuarita, AZ area is ready for these kinds of heavy-duty tasks by making use of specialized cleaning treatments and powerful suction processes to reinstate your floors to their pristine original state. Routine cleaning carried out every 12-18 months after the initial cleaning helps to keep your stone and tile looking beautiful at all times. To complete our cleaning we'll also add a resilient sealer to guard your floors and keep them cleaner for longer.

Floors are just the beginning! Ask us about counters, walls, and other tile and stone surfaces and we’ll work to have them looking wonderful again as well. There’s absolutely no reason to hesitate, set up your appointment with K & L Chem-Dry today!